What is a transformer?

A transformer is an electrical apparatus designed to convert alternating voltage from one voltage level to another. Transformers are completely static devices without continuously moving mechanical parts, which, by electromagnetic induction, transform electrical energy from one or more circuits to one or more other circuits at the same frequency.

  • General Purpose Transformer

Standard design for all general loads, indoor or outdoor, including lighting, industrial and commercial applications.


  • Isolation / induction Transformer

A Transformer designed with two isolated windings between primary and secondary coils. It is used to separate voltage to another either same voltage or -step-up and step-down voltage, also when the loads needs a solid grounding.


  • Electrostatically Shielded Transformer

Are designed to protect the systems from unwanted high-frequency voltages that occur due to switching and loading on distribution lines. While all transformers with separated primary and secondary windings isolate the load circuits, transients and electrical noise can be transmitted to the load circuits through the inter-winding capacitance of the transformer. These disturbances can have a detrimental effect on sensitive electronic equipment and can cause improper operation. Electrostatic shielding brings these unwanted signals to ground thus preventing the electrical disturbances from being transmitted to the load circuits.


  • Autotransformer

Are more economical and physically smaller than equivalent two-winding transformers designed to carry the same load.  They will perform the same function as two-winding transformer with the exception of insulating or isolating two circuits. Since Autotransformers may transmit line disturbances directly, they may be prohibited in some areas by local building codes. Before applying them, care should be taken to assure that they are acceptable according to local codes.

Note: Autotransformer are not used in closed delta connections as they introduce into the circuit a phase shift.


  • Copper Wound Transformer

Designed according to customers specifications when copper windings are needed


  • Custom built transformers for UPS application, rectifier, etc.