About Us

Since 2001, V.B. POWERNET has been a provider of dry-type transformer products. V.B. Powernet is a manufacturer of dry-type transformers which serve commercial, industrial, construction, mining, and utility markets. The product scope is 1000 VA through 1000 KVA and 100 through 4160 volts. The 600 volts class offering includes industrial control transformers, ventilated designs for general purpose applications, electro-statically shielded transformers and a complete line of motor drive isolation transformers.

V.B. Powernet dry-type transformers are made from imported materials, such as wires, cores, and all insulating materials. We can modify our dry type transformer to meet the design and specific requirements of our customers. The company is keenly expanding to provide its customers satisfaction with better and higher quality dry type transformers.

Our company has been serving many small & big corporations for many years. V.B. Powernet knows how to work with clients by experience. The production process is carefully followed and every dry-type transformer has to pass sophisticated engineering and reliability tests to meet the dry-type transformer standard specification based on client’s requirements.

Whatever your dry type transformer requirements are, you will find that V.B. POWERNET is the complete voltage transformer solution. We are glad to serve your transformer requirements soon. Thank you very much.